For most of its clients, The Roberts Group provides design, development, and maintenance services. These clients typically know nothing about managing a website, and they want to keep it that way. However, if you want to manage your own project on a UNIX-based server, we can set you up with the hosting service you need and help you use it to best advantage.

There are a million places you can host your website, so why go through The Roberts Group?

  1. We offer fair pricing.
  2. We provide support.
  3. We can help with custom design, HTML, or programming services as needed.
  4. We offer advice about what type of hosting account is right for you.

The Roberts Group is a reseller for pair Networks, which currently hosts more than 190,000 sites and manages in excess of 2,000 servers in its custom data center. When we provide you services through pair Networks, we offer everything pair Networks offers and at the same price. In addition, we provide personal support and advice, so when you have questions about how something works, we’re here to help. Also, know that pair Networks is a top-tier provider with an excellent track record for uptime and server maintenance.

Account Options

We offer several account levels that range from $6 per month on up, allowing you to get just the power and features you need. If you later discover you need additional features — such as database access or e-commerce
solutions — it’s easy to step up to different account levels.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee with all hosting services. We want to make sure you’re happy with your new hosting service.

Email us with questions or to request a no-obligation quote.

Tell us what you have in mind. Looking for ideas? Take a look at a few of the sites we host or have developed. If you need help with web design, please see our design services information.