Attractive, Well-written, Easy-to-use Websites

The Roberts Group provides web development services including hosting, maintenance, and design. Websites are indicators of your professionalism, the quality of your product, and the way you do business. You wouldn’t send your company brochure out on a handwritten scrap of notebook paper, would you? Then don’t send out your electronic message in an equally low quality style. Successful websites deliver useful information, and they are easy and quick to use. Most of us go to the web for instant gratification — we need information and we want it now. We skip websites that have slow loading graphics, and we don’t return to websites that are difficult to use.

When The Roberts Group designs a website, we focus on these elements: quick loading graphics; lean and precise writing; and an attractive, easy-to-use design. We want to draw your visitors in with a clean, professional look and then keep them there with solid information and frustration-free site navigation. We’re not big on bells and whistles and obnoxious animated figures that serve no purpose. Readers are bored with web antics and won’t give time to them.

If you need a host for a site you are developing, or need a new host for one already developed, see our information on web hosting services.

If you’re looking for someone to design, produce, and maintain your site, see the menu of services listed below.

If you need writing and editing, we can help you focus your website message.

To see some of the work we’ve done, visit some of our clients’ sites.

Websites with Flair

The websites we produce typically use backend databases to help the sites stay current and alive. For example, calendars can be kept fresh by automatically pruning old items from the page. You don’t have to worry about visitors coming to your site and seeing last month’s —or last year’s — events listed.

We also can incorporate special areas of your site where you or your staff can add updates or breaking news at a moment’s notice.

If you’re selling products or services online, we can add e-commerce features to any website.

Web Design & Maintenance

Many of our book and newsletter clients find that they eventually want to migrate some of their printed materials to web pages on the Internet.

We are in the perfect position to help.

  • We can translate page layout files into HTML or PDF files.
  • We can help you with regular updates to your site.
  • If you need a site, we can provide you with server space, arrange for you to acquire a domain name, design, write, edit, and maintain your site.
  • If you already have a site, we can edit your files to make sure you’re saying what you want to say, and saying it effectively.
  • If you have a site but are unhappy about how it is being maintained, you may need a personal webmaster. We understand that a website is, and always will be, a work in progress. It requires regular care and nurturing. We make updates in a timely manner so your website is always fresh, accurate, and up-to-date.

Our web services are an adjunct to the full range of editorial services we offer. Because we understand both the print side of the business and the electronic side, we can anticipate problems in bridging the gap between the two.

What About Blogs?

Many businesses and individuals are using blogs or other content management systems as their websites. Blogs provide users with the ability to instantly add or update information.

Anyone can set up a free blog at or, but sometimes users find the complexities of dealing with themes, plugins, and customizations more than a little daunting. That’s where we can help. We can set up your blog on our servers, make the customizations you require, and leave you to worry about the content. We’re always on call when you want to enhance your blog, update the graphics, or just need advice about how to make the blogging software do what you want.

Website Pricing

Because of the incredible number of variables involved, we hesitate to post a price list for our design services. If you’ll start a discussion with us about your website needs, we’ll work with you to develop a plan for your site that that will fit your budget. We work on sites of all sizes, from those with one or two pages that are rarely updated to those with hundreds of pages where some updates occur most every day.

We’re not a mill churning out websites by template. We work to craft a design that will enhance your message and give your visitors a pleasurable experience. We strive to create a high quality website and to devote energy into maintaining it as your business needs dictate.

Tell us what you have in mind. Looking for ideas? Take a look at a few of the sites we host or have developed.