Getting Visitors to Your Website

A website’s mere existence does not guarantee visitors.

Promote your site and people may come. Print your web address on your business cards, letterhead, product information sheets, and press releases.

That will get you a few visitors, but, let’s face it,  you’re really expecting the search engines to send a steady stream of traffic your way, aren’t you? If that’s your line of thinking, take some time to consider why and how your site might be of value to Internet searchers, how it solves their problems.

People Need Reasons to Visit Your Website

A site that simply markets a product, a service, or a book without providing additional value or solving problems is nothing more than an electronic brochure. There’s nothing wrong with an electronic brochure, mind you. Electronic brochures give potential customers the lowdown on your business, answer all the usual questions, and screen out nonqualified prospects, but they don’t often climb high in search-engine rankings.

If you’re selling widgets, for example, your site would naturally include information about how to buy your widgets, but taking it a step further, you might also include additional information about the history of widgets, how to install widgets, how to troubleshoot widget problems, perhaps even how to build homemade widgets.

It will likely be these extra, nonsales pieces that visitors will find useful and valuable. If your visitors are sufficiently impressed with this information, they will link to it from their own websites, and that, right there, is they key to getting more search-engine referrals. Your site gets extra points when it is linked to by other sites. The more inbound links the better, and the more influential those linking sites are, better still.

So, ask yourself: what incentive does someone have to link to your widget sales page? Probably not much. But if you have information that solves  widget problems, then that may earn you some links, which, in turn, will help your search-engine ranking. Not everyone who follows those links will buy your widgets, but, at the very least, you will be drawing people who are interested in widgets to your website, and that gives you a chance to make a sale.

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    Interesting, easy-to-read article AND I do like how the blog page is congruent to website. I may have to consider that for me!

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