Newsletters are outstanding promotional tools for almost any business. The beauty of a newsletter is that it has built-in credibility. The reader views the information presented as news, rather than as advertising. Many companies use newsletters to deliver valuable information, which positions them in the minds of their customers as experts in their fields.

We can take your stories and fit them into an attractive newsletter design, or we can write and design the whole newsletter from scratch. It’s your call. In either case, together we can create a product that you’ll be proud of and that your readers will rely on for valuable information.

Newsletters are especially useful for creating an ongoing presence. They are a frequent, and unobtrusive, reminder of your company, product, service — and, most important, your expertise.

Developing a successful newsletter takes commitment. It’s not something you toss together in an afternoon. We know that you’re too busy to take care of all the details of designing, writing, and laying out each issue of the newsletter. But that’s where The Roberts Group can help. We get the job done — with no headaches.

PDF Newsletters

Many companies choose PDF newsletters because:

  • They are cost efficient (there’s no expense for printing or mailing).
  • They can be delivered by email or through links on a web page.
  • They can take advantage of full color graphics and design to make the newsletter inviting and appealing — without the extra expenses that come with printing a full-color newsletter.
  • They are easy to navigate for the reader with internal links to the table of contents and stories inside the newsletter.
  • They can include links to information on other websites, which makes your newsletter even more useful to your readers.

Email Newsletters

Another increasingly popular newsletter format is the HTML newsletter, which is sent to your contacts by email. HTML email newsletters can include a unique design that represents your company, graphics, logos, and, of course, links to information, sales pitches, or order forms on your website. HTML email newsletters are like web pages that open in your email reader. We’re familiar with popular email management options such as Constant Contact, from whom we earned an All Start Award in 2010. We understand how to help you get your publication set up and delivered.

Custom Magazines

We work with companies and organizations to produce custom magazines. The client provides the stories and photography, if possible. We edit and design the magazine. If necessary, we search for stock photography for images to illustrate stories. By using The Roberts Group for magazine production, clients make sure that their publication has a consistency in look and language — the marks of a professional publication.

Contact us today to find out how soon your newsletter or custom magazine can be impressing your clients.

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